Wine List

Red wine 175ml/250ml/Bottle

Carrizal Tinto Rioja (Spain) £17.25
Easy drinking, award-winning, contemporary.. with peppery, red berry fruits

Sentina Merlot (Italy) £3.90 / £4.90 / £13.95
Made to a modern style in Veneto. Very attractive drinking with soft varietal berry fruits

Zarapito Malbec (Argentina) £4.50 / £5.90 / £16.95
Soft & fruity with cherry & red fruit flavours and a lovely, soft rounded finish


White wine 175ml/250ml/Bottle

El Meson Rioja Blanca (Spain) £17.25
Clean, bright, fresh & vivacious with citrus & floral notes

Pelusas Sauvignon Blanc (Chile) £3.90 / £4.90 / £13.75
Tantalising ripe citrus tropical fruit flavours. Classic, young, zingy, fresh, bordering on herbaceous

Sentina Pinot Grigio (Italy) £3.90 / £4.90 / £13.50
Attractive fruit and a clean fresh, off-dry aftertaste

Rosé 175ml/250ml/Bottle

Pacific Heights Zinfandel Blush £3.90 / £4.90 / £13.75
Juicy, yet elegant and refreshingly sparkling rosé with a fresh nose of raspberry & strawberry

Sentina Pinot Grigio Rosé (Italy) £3.75 / £4.75 / £12.95
Attractive fruit & a clean fresh, off-dry aftertaste

Sparkling wine 200ml/Bottle

Prosecco di Maria (Italy) £4.50 / £17.00
Stylish,fresh & crisp with lovely balancing citrus fruit


Moët & Chandon (France) £55.00
The best selling non-vintage Champagne in the UK. A classic blend with notes of green apple and citrus

Veuve Clicquot (France) £60.00
Rich and creamy in style with an explosion of citrus fruits and a delightful yeasty toastiness